What happened with my H:\ drive?

From tomorrow (Thursday, March 5) morning on, you will be able to modify/create/delete all files and folders in H:\OLD_H_Drive. You can safely use the current H:\ drive and there are no additional changes planned/needed.

If you do not have a H:\ Home drive, or your current H:\ does not contain a folder OLD_H_Drive, please contact IT!

If you have any question to the topic(s) described here, please do not hesitate to contact us via it@ist.ac.at or ext. 1300!

If you are interested on more details, please continue reading.

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Because of a software-failure of one of our file-servers, about 30% of our users (almost only Windows users) lost access to their Home drive (H:\, \\nas01\userhome\[username].

To provide everyone with a H:\ drive and at least some data, we transferred the last backup before the failure (taken at the night of Monday, February 17) to a different server, which also got the letter H:\ ( \\fs.ist.ac.at/dfshome\[username]), to a folder named OLD_H_Drive.

This OLD_H_Drive Folder was initially set to ReadOnly, because we wanted to in-cooperate missing files automatically into this folder, and eventually provide to you an OLD_H_Drive folder which contains all the content it had, when the old H:\ Drive failed.

Unfortunately, trying to restore the missing data – which are files generated on H:\ on Tuesday, February 18 – took much longer then expected.

Therefor we will change the OLD_H_Drive to Read/Write this night, and from tomorrow (Thursday, March 5) morning on, you can modify, write, create and delete any file or folder there.

What do I have to do now?

Nothing. You can continue to use the current H:\ (\\fs.ist.ac.at\dfshome\[username]), and you can also work directly in the folder OLD_H_Drive.

We won’t change/delete OLD_H_Drive.

I do not want to work inside OLD_H_Drive.

You can just move the folders in OLD_H_Drive directly to H:\, or how ever you like to have your H:\ drive organized.

If you are even a little unsure how to do this, please contact us via it@ist.ac.at or ext. 1300, we are happy to support you.

Is it safe to use the current H:\?

Yes, you can use the H:\ drive as before. The file-server creates snapshots (= “Previous versions’) every hour, and we do backups to a different system every evening.

What data is missing?

The file-system containing the H:\ Home drive of some of our users (=all users who have now files/folders in their OLD_H_Drive) went down on February 18 at about 2pm. The last backup of this file-system was done the night before (February 17 at midnight).

Data on this H:\ which has been changed/added between February 17 midnight to February 18 2pm is lost.