UltraVNC installation and some ESET issues

Together with your new virus scan, you might have detected a large eye icon () in your task bar. This is ONLY used to help you with remote assistance, where you explicitly have to approve the access. Requests for access, on the other hand, can only be initiated by members of IT.

This should help us to help our users much faster and efficient, and is NOT used to monitor employees.

ESET (virus scan) issues

The new virus scan is now rolled out almost anywhere at IST Austria, and it seems to run pretty well. Of course, having such a tool introduced to such a large number of computers and users is always a challenge, and a few issues happened still:

More sensitive scanner.

To protect IST Austria and its assets, we enabled a more rules on the virus scan, then F-Secure had. That results in more detection up front, as some “free” software is bundled which “unsafe” applications. As these are also used as entry points for viruses and Trojans, detecting and removing such is the suggested option.

Scan of external media.

The new virus scan also scans every device connected via USB, which is of course very important and necessary, as this is one of the most often used attack vectors for viruses, Trojans and that like.

Also, the default behavior, we tested was, it will pop up if it finds some dangerous software on your USB key or hard disk, and will ask what to do (clean, delete, ignore). Unfortunately, there was a very short timeout set, which would bring up this dialog, but it disappeared just after a few minutes. It then did execute the default task (clean), which means it literally deletes files, as cleaning is only possible in very few cases.

We now deleted the timeout, so you will be asked what to do.