Snapgene license

The information below is outdated, updated information available here.

Currently, IST has purchased 6 network licenses (eol: 2020-06-26). However, Snapgene says that “due to increased technical issues, we are no longer offering floating licenses”. It seems we need to switch to some other licensing scheme.

In order to estimate the number of licenses needed and to get a volume discount, we nee do know how many licenses will be needed.

  1. Are you planning to use snapgene in the next year (jul 2020-jun2021) (Yes/No) ?
  2. If snapgene is installed on a central server at IST (there is a test installation on, would you use this version instead of a local installation ? (The current plan is that costs for that license will be covered by the budget from IT.)
  3. Do you know that you will use Snapgene, and you want to have it installed on your own machine (the costs will be about 100-150 € depending on how many will need a dedicated license). In that case, please send a request for a dedicated snapgene license to Subject:”snapgene license request”