Remote access over the last months

This is an informational post, for those who are interested, how remote access has been changed during the Corona lock-down – compared to a “on-campus” situation.

If you need to know more about our possibilities to work from home, please see: Working remotely.

(Most graphs we just started a week before the actual lock-down.)

Remote-Desktop connection (

As you can see, the usage increased a lot… (ssh [username]

We only started monitoring shortly before the lock-down, and as you can see, usage is almost back to “normal”.

VPN access

The most significant growth is visible, when looking into the VPN graphs. We also started only a week before the lock-down, but the difference from one week to another is huge. As you can see, during a weekday, we usually have about 200 (changing) users connected. As far as we noticed, there was no issue with performance. (The “Warning” and “Critical” lines are just arbitrarily set, to get messages from the monitoring system.)

Additionally, some users are still using our “old” configuration for VPN, which looks like:

These are not many, but it adds to the total number of users connected remotely, which for a usual day when almost the whole institute worked from home was:

  • VPN ~228 (total)
  • Remote Desktop ~50
  • Login ~35

In March and April, about 310 users where connected on a work-day. These are concurrent users, so we assume that almost every active user has connected by one or another remote access solution at least once.