Pi-hole is protecting our network.

Well, at least parts of it – currently the ISTWlan and some admin-networks as well as Windows clients in all networks are using this service.

One of the major security issues when dealing with phishing/SPAM Emails, is the risk, that people visit links to enter data, or even worse visit links which trigger local vulnerabilities (e.g. a browser executes some code, and your computer is infected.)

At IST Austria, we have already quite a few technical measures to detect and block such attacks, but we are always one step behind attackers. Therefor it is important, that we act fast.

One system to block domains fast is Pi-hole. Originally designed to run on a Raspberry Pi and protect a home-network from Ads and Malware, but running on regular hardware, the system can also be used for network like ours.

We currently block:

  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Suspicious & Malicious domains
  • A few Tracking & Telemetry domains
  • and some Advertising domains

If you have any issues, connecting to a service, please let us know by sending an email to it@ist.ac.at so we can check if it has been blocked by us and white-list the domain.