OCRmyPDF service converts scanned PDF images to text

The service uses OCR – optical character recognition – to convert images of text to regular computer text.
You can upload a scanned PDF and OCRmyPDF will return a PDF with text that can be searched and copy-pasted.

It is available on this link (only available inside IST or via VPN).

Easy to use:
Click the “Browse…” button to select a PDF file and then click the “Start the OCR scan” button.

Common error messages:
“Page already has text” means that the PDF already contains searchable text, so no OCR scan is needed.
“Input file ‘filename’ is not a valid PDF” means that PDF is corrupt and truncated and OCRmyPDF will not work.

Important security notice
As PDFs may contain malware, always run a virus scan on PDFs from untrusted external sources.