Not all things are Spam

Sometimes our spam filter, called “Ironport”, gets a bit overeager.  We understand this, it is his only job after all and he takes it seriously.  As he should, and so should you.

The amount of unwanted email hitting users inboxes are at an all time high, and we are not talking about those chain letters your aunt keeps forwarding despite having been told to stop 10 times. We are talking about junk mail, offensive advertising, phishing attempts and pure malicious code sent directly to your inbox.

It is a jungle out there, and “Ironport” is our guardian.

In this constant barrage of mail, the occasional valid email gets stopped.   “Ironport” will send out an email when he is uncertain if an email he caught is spam. This is the “Spam Quarantine Notification ” that you sometimes see in your inbox.  It lets you put your own eyes on the message in a safe environment to see if it is really spam and release it to your mailbox if you deem it safe.

There is also a way to make certain that email messages from specific users always gets handed directly to you.  This is called the “Safelist”.

You can get to this option by logging in (both – sorry) Ironport’s websites:


Log in with your IST Username and IST Password.

Under your username you should see Options. Select this and then Safelist.

This is the safelist window.  Enter the email address you want to safelist.  Only enter full email addresses. Never safelist a full domain.

And there you go. Ironport should still keep you safe, and you are certain that those important emails never get stopped by accident.

Just remember.  Even the most trustworthy sender can get compromised. If something sent from a trusted sender looks and smells fishy, it probably is.