New mailing list:

When introducing new software, services or applications, we extensively test these internally in IT and of course with a couple of selected IST Austria employees. Quite often, this tests deprecate new try-outs for various reasons, but nevertheless we collect learnings, chances and concepts for future use.

If you want to know first about ongoing developments in the IST Austria IT, and you also eager to on testing new IT services, we cordially invite you to join our new mailing list:

Whenever a new service leaves the status of internal IT testing, it will be announced via the list. Please be aware, these services are all in testing, so regardless to your very positive feedback, there might still be the need of deprecating for other reasons.

You can also regularly visit our web page at, or go to channel #itnews in our chat: to get information about new services.

We’ll keep you posted! 🙂