New mail servers coming soon!

We are currently in the process to update our mail-server infrastructure from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016.

The first non-IT users will be changed to the new system with middle to end of November.

From a user point-of-view, the change will be mainly the new web-mail. Other, more technical changes, include a better search and better load-balancing and high-availability for the front-end.

You will not need to change anything within your client(s)!

For the first step, we only change the front-end servers, so only the login form for the web mail will change, after login you’ll be redirected to the current system.

In another step, we’ll actually migrate your mailbox to the new system, which will also introduce the new web-mail. Please see below, for some screenshots how the new system will look like in the future.

We’ll also provide some trainings, for those who like to get a short update about new functionalities and changed behavior.

Screenshots desktop version

Login form
How it looks “inside”!

Above you see a quick video how the new interface looks like, if your account has been migrated. Please be aware, that direct booking of rooms “Add room” is not available yet – this is just for testing purposes.

Screenshots mobile version

Mobile login form