ISTCloud update to latest version

Our ISTCloud ( has been updated to the latest version. Please see below an overview about changes:


The login-window has changed again, please click the “Single Sign-On” link to log in. 

Other Changes

  • Some security and performance enhancements
  • New Wiki feature including a new WYSIWYG editor for *.md files,  which can be enabled via “Tools”

Internal links

If you hover any folder/file, a “Internal link” will be shown, this is the link you would share to internal (i.e. internal to seafile) users.

When clicking the “Internal link” symbol, you can easily copy the link:

Saving in OnlyOffice documents

When opening a Word/Excel/PowerPoint document directly on the ISTCloud, the online OnlyOffice editor was used, and documents would be saved only, when the last (or only) editor of the document closed the document (i.e. the tab the document was in). The new version supports a manual save by just clicking the Icon in the left upper corner of the document:

You can also just use the shortcut “Ctrl-S” as in any other application.