Scientific Computing

We support our scientists for any scientific computing needs they may have.

Our main service is the High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster we operate but we also the access to scientific software or applications. We also provide access to external resources, for example VSC, the cluster for academic and research institutes in Austria.


Please address any questions to our main contact email address:

As a cluster user, you’re automatically subscribed to the mailinglist, if not please do so via: SciComp will announce important information for cluster users (updates, new software, downtimes, etc.) via this list.

To communicate between cluster users and interested users, we created a channel on our chat-system:, which can also be subscribed via email. Feel free to join and ask your questions/present your solution to the community.


  • Our HPC cluster


You’ll find the Documentation to use our services and equipment within the IT documentation.


Dear users of Scientific Computing, please acknowledge us (and/or other facilities) in your publications:

This research was supported by the Scientific Service Units (SSU) of IST Austria through resources provided by Scientific Computing (SciComp), the Life Science Facility (LSF) and the XYZ Facility (xxx).