Internet Security Quiz

Can you make a good judgment on what and who you can trust on the internet?

While all Internet users might be exposed to Internet fraud, the golden rule is the more you know the better you can protect yourself. Take this Internet Security Quiz (only 6 questions) and see how much you know about online frauds and scams, which is only meant as self-assessment.
(Quiz is taken from: HSBC and modified slightly.)

What do you do to protect your computer from virus infections?


How do you protect your computer from unauthorized access at Wi-Fi hotspots?


Which of the following precautionary step(s) is / are effective in protecting sensitive account information?


What can you do to stay away from the potential attacks by Trojan horse and other malicious software when you open / download something from the web?


If you receive an email that appears to be from IST Austria IT, how do you know if it is genuine or fraudulent?


How do you know what you see is a genuine IST Austria website, especially when the pages asks me to enter my IST Austria username and password?