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IT CheckOut procedure


To ensure the “Need to know” principle required by GDPR, ISO 27001 and as a general IT security measure, only persons in a relation to IST Austria may have an IST Austria account for accessing IST Austria IT resources.


This procedure is valid for everyone who got an IST Austria account for accessing the institutes (IT) resources. This includes all employees (Scientists and PhD students, Administrative & SSU staff, Interns,… ) as well as visitors, guests and any other account.


  • All equipment issued from the IT department has to be returned at departure from the institute, or if wished, bought before departure.
  • Accounts will be deleted at latest 1 month after departure and/or contract end.
  • For scientists, account-extensions can be requested and have to be approved by the supervisor. Such account-extensions have to be renewed at latest after 6 months.
  • The leaving person and her/his supervisor have to take care about copying data (e.g. E-mail, Data on Seafile or the Home-Drive) to general group/division/unit shares/locations, of course, IT will offer support if needed.
  • Scientists which stayed at IST Austria at least for 1 year, can keep their E-Mail address after the deletion of the account, but only for the purpose of forwarding E-mails to an external address.
  • For all Admin/SSU employees, an “Out of Office” message must be set by the departing person (IT can certainly help!) no later than the day of departure if the mailbox is not deleted immediately.


The departure date in ICP of a person triggers this CheckOut procedure, but the contract end date will also be considered, if it is after the departure date. In such cases, the IT account and IT assets can be kept until end of contract.

4 weeks prior to departure/end of contract

  • An Email from ICP will be sent to the user and her/his supervisor informing about departure procedures and return of assets (IT, keys + keycards, credit cards).

2 weeks prior to departure/end of contract

  • An additional Email from IT is sent to the user, with details for the IT CheckOut:

Please be informed of the following procedures and changes that will occur within the next few weeks regarding your departure from IST.

Please set an Out of Office message on your departure date!

Please return all equipment issued from the IT department. This includes, but is not limited to: your laptop/desktop, tablet, cell phone and any peripheral items such as a wireless mouse/keyboard, webcam, headset, etc.

If you decide to purchase the issued item, please contact us to further discuss what you wish to buy.

Your account will be deleted at the latest 1 month after your departure and/or contract end. If you need an extension to this, you must explicitly obtain approval from your supervisor and forward this approval to the IT department.

Please be aware that once your account is deleted, all E-Mails and data (e.g. Seafile, Home-Drive) associated with your account will also be deleted. Please move any data related to your IST work to your department or group shared drive, and delete any private data you have stored.

Your E-Mail address may be kept, but only for the purpose of forwarding mails to an external address. If you wish to forward your E-Mail, please provide us with the external address you wish to forward to.

In between this email to the departure date the following tasks should be done:

  • Leaving user gives information to IT, if she/he wants to buy IT equipment.
  • Arrange appointment(s) for saving/exporting data, return equipment, discuss a possible account-extension and/or the E-mail-forward to an external address.

Departure/End of contract

  • Equipment has to be returned
  • Relevant data should be saved to group/department share or archive.
  • Agree on a definitive account-deleting date or ask for approval for account-extension.
  • Out of Office Message should be set for Admin/SSU staff, until final deletion of mailbox.

1 week before account-deletion

Another Email is sent to the user:

Please note that in one week your user account and all E-Mails and data will be deleted as part of the checkout process. If you require an extension on your account, please obtain approval from your supervisor and submit it to the IT department immediately.

Account-deletion date

  • if requested: E-Mail forward will be configured
  • Account deletion



Effective Date: 2017-02-01
Last Reviewed: 2020-02-15
Next Review: 2021-02-15
Owner: IST Austria IT

1.0February 2017Initial Version, presented to the faculty at faculty lunchStephan Stadlbauer
1.12020-02-13added new points OoO & Data-typesChristoph Haindl
ReviewerRoleReview DateComment
Roland GanschDivision Head of SSUs2020-02-15
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