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Acceptable Use Examples

Table Of Contents

The following scenarios are intended to provide examples of acceptable and unacceptable uses of our computing resources, based on the Acceptable Use Policy. These examples are not comprehensive but are merely illustrations of some types of acceptable and unacceptable use.

Authorized Use


  • While using someone else’s computer from off campus, you connect to IST Austria to check your email. When you have finished, you log off of your account, closing any browser windows you may have used, and making sure your email password was not saved on the computer.
  • While traveling on vacation, you ask a staff person to check your email for you by forwarding your email to their account, removing the forwarding on your return.


  • While someone else is using a computer, you want to check your email. You ask them to log in, giving them your password to type in for you.
  • While traveling on vacation, you ask a staff person to check your email for you by giving them your password.
  • A colleague is out sick, and he/she was receiving responses for an event. Rather than calling them at home to ask them to check their email, you attempt to gain access to their account by guessing their password.
  • After having your computer hacked, you decide to download and run hacking tools yourself to help your friends out by checking for vulnerabilities on their computers.

Adherence to Laws


  • Taking a CD you own, you make copies of songs onto your computer, and set up sharing to allow others to access those songs from your computer.

Other Inappropriate Activities

  • Using a computer connected to IST Austria’s network, you establish a commercial business, selling products or services over the Internet.
  • You download, store, print and/or display materials that could be perceived by others as contributing to an intimidating, hostile, or sexually offensive working environment.

Privacy and Personal Rights


  • While checking the email system for possible problems, a IT staff person has to open a mailbox owned by someone else. In doing so, he or she reads the subject lines, finds one that looks interesting, and opens the email message.


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