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Locked printing

Most of the floor printers allow “locked printing”, which means that you can set a pin code/password for your print job from your computer, and the printer will only print it out when you enter the code. This is useful for printing confidential documents, so that they aren’t sitting around in the printer room for anyone to look at. Here’s how:

Windows & MacOS

In Printing Preferences, look for ‘Job Type’, and select ‘Locked Print’: 


Then in ‘Details’, use your Windows login :


You can then just print the document(s) as usual. At the printer press the “Printer” symbol:


You should see your UserID here. When you press it, you’ll type in the password you just selected, and the job will print.


Essentially the same, but ‘Job Type’ is in the ‘Advanced’ tab of the Print menu, way at the bottom. Ignore ‘Document server password’ and ‘User code’:

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