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Install printers on MacOS

  1. Download the driver for your printer, which can be found in the “printing” section and install it.
  2. Go to Printers and Scanners and click on the + to add a printer.
  3. Enter the needed information according to the screenshot.
    Address: printserver.ist.ac.at
    Line Printer Daemon – LPD
    Queue: Enter the queue identifier, this can be found in the “printing” section NAME/QUEUE (Linux/Mac). Copy the full text exactly as shown in the column on that page.
    Use: Choose “Select Software…” and select the exact Type – which can be found in the “printing” section TYPE – of the printer from the list . Click on OK.

See the list of available printers at: https://it.pages.ist.ac.at/docs/it-documentation/printing/

For example:

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