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Install printer on Linux

Install a single printer

1. Go to “Print Settings” on your system

2. Select “+ Add”, and select “LDP/LPR Host or printer” and enter printserver.ist.ac.at (printserver.ist.local is also possible, if you’re using a laptop configured by IT) into Host: and the Queue from -> here (e.g. _P0117101 Central Building 1st floor PS)

3. Select the driver (Take the most similar one) or download the driver

4. Change the name/description/location accordingly:

See the example below for a configured printer:

See the list of available printers at: https://it.pages.ist.ac.at/docs/it-documentation/printing/

Install all printers

Download printer-script

Make sure that you are connected to ISTWLAN or a cabled connection

Download the printer.sh and run it with sudo ./printer.sh

Every printer on campus will be added and you can choose your default printer in Settings -> Devices -> Printers

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