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This section gives an overview of printers and how to print (and scan) at IST Austria.

List of floor printers:

Driver download
p0117101RICOH Aficio MP C4502ACentral Building (I01)1st floorI01.O1_P0117101 Central Building 1st floor PCL_P0117101 Central Building 1st floor PSDriver P0117101
p0117102RICOH Aficio MP C4502ACentral Building (I01)2nd floorI01.O2_P0117102 Central Building 2nd floor PCL_P0117102 Central Building 2nd floor PSDriver P0117102
p0117103RICOH Aficio MP C4502ACentral Building (I01)3rd floorI01.O3_P0117103 Central Building 3rd floor PCL_P0117103 Central Building 3rd floor PSDriver P0117103
p0417100RICOH Aficio MP C305Bertalanffy Building (I04)ground floorI04.GF_P0417100 Bertalanffy Building ground floor PCL_P0417100 Bertalanffy Building ground floor PSDriver P0417100
p0417101RICOH Aficio MP C4502ABertalanffy Building (I04)1st floorI04.O1_P0417101 Bertalanffy Building 1st floor PCL_P0417101 Bertalanffy Building 1st floor PSDriver P0417101
p0417102RICOH Aficio MP C4502ABertalanffy Building (I04)2nd floorI04.O2_P0417102 Bertalanffy Building 2nd floor PCL_P0417102 Bertalanffy Building 2nd floor PSDriver P0417102
p0417103RICOH Aficio MP C4502ABertalanffy Building (I04)3rd floorI04.O3_P0417103 Bertalanffy Building 3rd floor PCL_P0417103 Bertalanffy Building 3rd floor PSDriver P0417103
p0517100RICOH MP C3003Preclinical Facility (I05)ground floorI05.GF_P0517100 PCF Ground Floor PCL_P0517100 PCF Ground Floor PSDriver P0517100
p0617100RICOH Aficio MP C3002Lab Building East (I06)ground floorI06.GF_P0617100 Lab Building East ground floor PCL6_P0617100 Lab Building East ground floor PSDriver P0617100
p0617101RICOH Aficio MP C4502ALab Building East (I06)1st floorI06.O1_P0617101 Lab Building East 1st floor PCL6_P0617101 Lab Building East 1st floor PSDriver P0617101
p0617102RICOH Aficio MP C4502ALab Building East (I06)2nd floorI06.O2_P0617102 Lab Building East 2nd floor PCL6_P0617102 Lab Building East 2nd floor PSDriver P0617102
p0617103RICOH MP C4503Lab Building East (I06)3rd floorI06.O3_P0617103 Lab Building East 3rd floor PCL_P0617103 Lab Building East 3rd floor PSDriver P0617103
p0317100RICOH IM C4500Admin Building (I03)ground floorI03.GFP0317100P0317100_PSDriver P0317100
p0317101RICOH IM C4500Admin Building (I03)1st floorI03.O1P0317101P0317101_PSDriver P0317101
p0717100RICOH MP C45042nd Administration Building (I07)ground floorI07.GFP0717100P0717100_PSDriver P0717100
p0717101RICOH MP C45042nd Administration Building (I07)1st floorI07.O1P0717101P0717101_PSDriver P0717101
p0717102RICOH MP C45042nd Administration Building (I07)2nd floorI07.O2P0717102P0717102_PSDriver P0717102
p2117100RICOH MP C4504Building West Office (I21)ground floorI21.GF.124_P2117100 Lab Buiding West ground floor PCL_P2117100_PSDriver P2117100
p2117101RICOH MP C4503Building West Office (I21)1st floorI21.O1.124_P2117101 Lab Building West 1st Floor PCL6_P2117101 Lab Building West 1st Floor PSDriver P2117101
p2117102RICOH MP C4503Building West Office (I21)2nd floorI21.O2.124_P2117102 Lab Building West 2nd Floor PCL_P2117102 Lab Building West 2nd Floor PSDriver P2117102
p2117103RICOH MP C4503Building West Office (I21)3rd floorI21.O3_P2117103 Lab Building West 3rd Floor PCL_P2117103 Lab Building West 3rd Floor PSDriver P2117103
p2117201RICOH MP C4502Building West Lab (I21)1st floorI21.O1P2117201P2117201Driver P2117201
p2117202RICOH MP C4503Building West Lab (I21)2nd floorI21.O2_P2117202 Lab Building West 2nd floor BT2 PCL6_P2117202 Lab Building West 2nd floor BT2 PSDriver P2117202
p2117203RICOH MP C4502Building West Lab (I21)3rd floorI21.O3P2117203P2117203Driver P2117203


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