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Powercut March 16 2022 – FAQs

Our provider for electric energy needs to maintain the main transformer of the institute, so the whole power is cut on March 16, and the institute will entirely run on it’s generators.

  • 7.30am … shutdown of the HPC cluster & cluster storage
  • 8am … power will be cut, the institute will run on it’s generators
  • 8pm … planned time when the power should be back
  • 9pm … HPC cluster & storage will be back, in case of issues, the full functionality will be restored on the following day.

C&M will inform the campus about the status.

To ensure enough capacity for the most important services (PCF, internet, building controlling,…) some systems need to be shut down. In IT this is only the HPC cluster & the cluster storage – other services will continue running and allow you to work from home.

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