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Windows profile

Prior to 2016, all Windows users used roaming profiles. Roaming profiles have two main advantages: most important user data is

  1. automatically backed up to a server, and
  2. automatically available on any IST computer you sign on to.

The downside is that, when profiles get large, logging on and off can become extremely slow.

New users now have local profiles, so that logging on and off does not have to wait to synchronize user data with our servers.

Migrating to the new, fast local profile

If you want to migrate your roaming profile to the new system (to speed up logon/logoff times), this is the process.

This requires a restart, and the first restart will take a long time, possibly a half-hour depending on the size of your profile, because most of your profile data now needs to be copied to a different server.
  1. with the subject “Profile migration” and giving your computer’s name (File Explorer  -> right-click This PC -> properties -> Computer name) and a phone number where we can reach you.
  2. Make sure your computer is connected to IST’s network via ethernet cable to speed up the file transfer
  3. IT Support will call you before switching your profile to make sure that it’s still a convenient time for you.
  4. After IT Support says the switch has been made, restart your computer. Expect the logon process to take awhile.
  5. To check if the migration of your profile was made, click the Start menu and start typing “view advanced system settings”; click to bring up that control menu. You should be on the “Advanced” tab of “System Properties”. In the center, under “User Profiles”, click “Settings”.
  6. You will see all of the profiles stored on this computer. Yours will say “Roaming” for both “Type” and “Status”. Click “Change type” and set it to “Local”.
  7. Restart your computer again. This might also take some time, but from this point on, logging on and off should be quite fast.

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