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File servers

This section describes which file servers are available at IST Austria, how to use the servers, how to share data within the institute or with external collaborators and where to put your files. Please also see Research Data Handling Guideline.

Please note
Backup is only done on our servers, please copy data from your client (workstation, laptop) to our servers, or use ISTCloud to sync the data.

Fileservers at IST Austria

All file-servers – except the ISTCloud – are only accessible internally, i.e. on campus or via VPN/Remote Desktop.

  • fs (fs.ist.ac.at) – this is the main server for user/group data, as well as links to the archive.
  • fas01nas (fas01nas.ist.local, also accessible via fs.ist.ac.at) – server for the S-drive (administration/SSUs sharing data)
  • archive3 – archive server for (primarily) archiving of scientific data, accessible via \\fs.ist.ac.at\drives\[ISTusername] (raw data, data from finished projects/papers, etc)
  • cluster storage – a special (high-performance) storage only accessible from the HPC cluster. For this storage, no backup is implemented!
  • ISTcloud (https://seafile.ist.ac.at) – our internal cloud system. You can access the system via a web browser or sync and access via the seafile-client.
  • scratch/em-cache – these storage systems are for storing data which was acquired by devices like microscopes. Usually, users have only read-access to such storage systems, and have to move/copy the data to some other storage. Also, data can only be kept for a limited time on this storage.

Access fileservers

To access our storage systems, you need to have an IST Austria Account and you have to either be on campus (wired or wireless “ISTWlan”) or use VPN.

Please note
Cluster storage is only available through the cluster, please request an account via it@ist.ac.at if you do not have access to our HPC cluster.

All file-servers are accessible via the SMB/CIFS protocol.


For IST devices, these shares are mapped automatically!

  • All drives of a user (including the archive)
    • B:
  • fs3 – Home- or Groupdrive
    • H: (\\fs.ist.ac.at\dfshome\[ISTusername])
    • K: (\\fs.ist.ac.at\dfsgroup\[grp])
  • fas01nas – Admin/SSU department shares
    • S: S-Drive (\\fs.ist.ac.at\staffdata)

Linux & MacOS

For IST devices, these shares are mapped automatically!

To connect to such shares, use: Connect to server

  • The drives share, which contains all shares a user has access to:
    • smb://fs.ist.ac.at/drives/[ISTusername]
  • fs3 – Home- or Groupdrive
    • smb://fs.ist.ac.at/dfshome/[ISTusername]
    • smb://fs.ist.ac.at/dfsgroup/[grp]
  • fas01nas – Admin/SSU department shares
    • S-Drive smb://fs.ist.ac.at/staffdata


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