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SPAM filter

The spam-filter interface (https://spamfilter.ist.ac.at/) only works on campus or via VPN!

E-Mails sent out from the system

If you received a (new) SPAM E-Mail, the system will inform you daily at 8am and 1pm about such caught E-Mails, so you do not miss a legitimate E-Mail. The information will look similar to the image below:

You do not need to login to the SPAM filter, you can just click “Release” and the E-Mail will be sent to your INBOX. You need to be connected to VPN for this.

SPAM filter web-interface

You can also log into the SPAM filter interface by following the link below:


Please click the “Single Sign On” link!

After Login, you see the messages caught by the filter:

By clicking on a message, you can open it, and if you “Release” the mail, it will get delivered to your mailbox.

Modify Block/Safe lists

In the user preferences you can manage your Block/Safe lists:

Just click [Safe..] and add the address if it has been falsely caught by our filter. And use [Block..] if the filter did not catch some SPAM addresses.

If you do not want to receive any spam report, just set the option to “off”.

Please always contact us via if you’ve any questions.

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