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SPAM filter

The spam-filter interface (https://spamfilter.ist.ac.at/) only works on campus or via VPN!

E-Mails sent out from the system

If you received a (new) SPAM E-Mail, the system will inform you daily at 8am and 1pm about such caught E-Mails, so you do not miss a legitimate E-Mail. The information will look similar to the image below:

You do not need to login to the SPAM filter, you can just click “Release” and the E-Mail will be sent to your INBOX. You need to be connected to VPN for this.

SPAM filter web-interface

You can also log into the SPAM filter interface by following the link below:


Please click the “Single Sign On” link!

After Login, you see the messages caught by the filter:

By clicking on a message, you can open it, and if you “Release” the mail, it will get delivered to your mailbox.

Modify Block/Safe lists

In the user preferences you can manage your Block/Safe lists:

Just click [Safe..] and add the address if it has been falsely caught by our filter. And use [Block..] if the filter did not catch some SPAM addresses.

If you do not want to receive any spam report, just set the option to “off”.

Please always contact us via it@ist.ac.at if you’ve any questions.

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