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Outlook on the web

The new interface is easy to use but also comes with changed and added feature.

Our new web-mail

Using our web-mail is easy and convenient as it works everywhere and currently without the need for a VPN connection.

Simply go to owa.ist.ac.at  and enter your IST Username and IST Password to access your email.

Please ALWAYS ensure, that the URL in your browser starts with:
and the lock-symbol is closed.
If there is any other URL, or your browser gives a warning – DO NOT ENTER YOUR PASSWORD!

Send/receive E-Mail

After login, you have access to your E-Mails in the Inbox, and as you can see below, to other folders containing E-Mail messages.

To create a new E-mail, just click (+) New, and you can start composing your E-Mail on the right tab.

You can format your E-Mail if you prefer so, but it is also possible to compose “text-only” messages.

Receiving, Replying and Forwarding E-Mails is equally easy, and you can customize how conversations and the interface in general looks like in the settings below.

with a click on the settings-menu you can than choose “Change theme”

here you can try diffrent themes – choose that one that suits you the most. your choice will be saved for the next sessions (as default we set the IST-Theme)

with a click on the white/grey avatar you’ll open up the profile-menu. with a click on “change” underneath the picture you can upload a personal photo. it’s only visible inside our organisation and won’t be included with external e-mails.

with a click on the settings-menu and then “options” you’ll open up the options-section – here you’re able to change a lot of settings.

within “General” and “Mobile devices” you can see every device which is paired with your account. Here you’re also able to remove your devices from the server. currently it’s possible to have 10 devices at the same time.

in the menu “Light Version” you can switch to a version which is optimized for a slow connection. it’s exactly the same like in the old outlook web app.

Region and Timezone: in this menu you can change your preferred language, your current timezone and the display format of time and date.

like in the previous version of the web app, here you’re able to set your out of office message.

with this the feature “Undo send” you can delay the sending for a max. time-period of 30 seconds.

Inbox & sweep rules: you can define a bunch of rules to keep your inbox organized.

here you’re able to define the behavior of outlook web app regarding e-mail-messages

here you can define how owa should handle requested read receipts.

here you can set the default behavior in case of replying. Our recommendation here is to keep it to reply only.

Calendar and scheduling

with a click onto the Apps-Button (upper left corner) you’re able to connect to different Features (Mail [Ctrl+Shift+1], Calendar [Ctrl+Shift+2], People [Ctrl+Shift+3] and Tasks [Ctrl+Shift+4]) – for our tour please switch to calendar

in calendar you can add a calendar from another employee to check his/her availability.

if you do so, your calendar and that one of the other colleague will overlap and shown in diffrent colors (blue and turquoise on the screenshot)

for a new appointment you can mark the desired period of time and after releasing the left mouse button this windows will appear were you can enter a meeting subject.

an alternative way to schedule a meeting is to click on new meeting. you’re now able to add the participants.

once you’re done with that you can see the availability of the participants on the right side.

you can also add the calendar of others to see their availability during the day/week.

within the People section you’re able to search for internal contacts.

Setting the light interface (still old web-mail)

If you prefer the light web interface, you can of course switch to this, unfortunately it’s not possible from the login form anymore.

  • Options> See All Options
  • Select Settings> General> Accessibility
  • Select the Use blind and low vision experience checkbox -> Save
  • Sign Out AND close browser!

adding a shared mailbox to webmail

in the overview of webmail you need to click on your name with the right mouse button.

and here click on “Add shared folder …” – a new windows appears where you need to enter the name of the shared mailbox and press Add

afterwards the mailbox appears in your navigatio bar.

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