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Apple Mail

Apple Mail supports different possibilities for configuring IST Email. We highly recommend using the “Exchange” account, which will provide you not only with Emails, but also syncs calendar and contacts.

Configure the IST Exchange Account for Mac Mail

To configure IST Email for your Mac, go to Preferences -> Accounts and then select exchange or you open up your Apple Mail program, and once it is open, at the top of the screen click “Mail” and then “Accounts”: If it is the first time, you opened Mail on this Mac, it will look like below: This will then ask you which kind of account you want to add. Choose “Exchange”, and then enter your name, IST Email address () and your password. If you get a warning that it could not contact the server due to the username, click continue and enter your ISTUsername at the field “User Name”. If necessary, enter a description for the account, your username, and your password. For the server address enter “owa.ist.ac.at“. Finally, choose which apps to use with your account and press “Done”. We suggest at least Mail and Contacts, to allow searching the IST address book.

Add shared calendars

Our Exchange server supports the sharing of calendars with others. You can access such shared resource by using our Webmail (https://owa.ist.ac.at/), but also Mac Mail supports shared calendars. 1.) Open Calendar and navigate to “Preferences”

2.) Select “Accounts” and the tab “Delegation” on the right 3.) Press the “+” Symbol, and enter the Name of the user or mailbox into the “Users” field

4.) Your entered value will be detected from the system, and you can now select the calendar you’d like to see:

5.) The calendar(s) of the selected mailbox should now be available in your calendar view.

Add shared mailbox

1.) Open Mail and navigate to “Add Account” This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is add_Mailaccount.png 2.) Choose “Other Mail Account”
3.) Enter the email address of the shared mailbox and YOUR IST-password. You will get an error message “unable to verify account name or password” and a new window will appear.
Enter the required information and YOUR IST-password. “Sign in” and “done”.
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