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Android Phone

Adding your exchange mailbox on Android

  • Open your device settings and choose “Accounts”.
  • Click on “Add account”. 
  • Choose “Microsoft Exchange” as your account type.

  • Enter you normal IST E-mail address,Username and Password

Now fill in the empty fields with this info:

  • Email address:
  • User: your login name e.g. mmusterm
  • Server: owa.ist.ac.at
  • Domain: IST.LOCAL

When done, it should look like the picture on the left.

  • Click “next” and it will ask you which features you want to enable

  • Click “next” and you successfully added the IST mailbox to your Android phone.

Add a shared mailbox on Android

On Outlook, shared mailboxes should show up automatically if you have access to them, but on Android you have to add each mailbox separately. It is most likely needed to click on Advanced or Manual in order to make these settings.

  • Open your phones Settings and choose ‘Add account’.
  • Choose ‘Microsoft Exchange’.
  • Type the email address of the shared mailbox.
  • Choose ‘Manual Setup’.
  • Choose ‘IMAP’ as account type.
  • Incoming mail server
    • Username [user]@ist.local/[sharedmailbox]
    • IMAP server : owa.ist.ac.at
    • Security type : SSL
    • Port 993
  • Outgoing mail server
    • Username: [user]@ist.local
    • SMTP server : owa.ist.ac.at
    • Security type : TLS
    • Port : 587
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