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Zoom Tips and Tricks


How to find your current “Zoom meeting ID” and “meeting password”

To find out your meeting ID & password when your meeting is running, simply click on the small “i” in the top left corner as shown in the picture below:

A small window should open displaying all the information you need such as ID & password for the current session. It will look like shown below:

How to make your Zoom meeting more secure

To improve the security for your Zoom meeting you can take extra measures.

When your Zoom meeting is running, click on “Security” in the bar at the bottom and a small popup should open like shown below:

How to use a custom backgrounds for meetings and webinars with external people

To set custom backgrounds we first need to navigate to the Zoom settings, to do this you can either click on the small grey gear at the top right or click on your profile picture which is also located at the top right like in the picture below:

Simply click on “Settings” after you click on your profile picture:

The settings window should open.

Now click on “Virtual Background” on the left side and then on the small “+” to add a custom Image background to zoom.

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