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Zoom software setup for internal users

How to install the Zoom app:

Download “Zoom Client for Meetings” from https://istaustria.zoom.us/download

Open the downloaded file – The Zoom app will be installed automatically on your PC

How to sign into Zoom:

Prerequisites: your pc must be connected to IST network on campus or via VPN connection

Using the Zoom App:

Click on “Sign in with SSO”

Type “istaustria” into the field “Company Domain” and click “Continue”

You will be signed in automatically

Using a web browser:

Visit https://istaustria.zoom.us/ and click on “Sign in”

Follow these instructions if you are not signed in automatically:

Enter your IST username into the field “Username” and your IST email password into the field “Password”

Click “Accept” on the next screen and you are done.

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