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https://videoconf.ist.ac.at is our on-premise installation of BBB (BigBlueButton).

Login and create/share a room

If you just want to attend an already created conference, you do not need to login, just click in the link you got!

Just visit https://videoconf.ist.ac.at/ with your favorite browser. We suggest using Firefox, but Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge will work as well. Older browsers like Internet Explorer are not supported.

Just sign in by clicking the “Sign in” button on login with your ISTusername/ISTpassword.

Note: IST SSO is not yet supported on this system.

After your login, you are presented with the following window:

The black boxes will contain the personalized information, like your name on the right top of the page, and the link of your “Home Room”. To start a meeting, just share the link presented to you with all participants, and press “Start”.

Hint: With the button “Copy” the link of your conference will be copied to your clip-board and you can easily insert this link in an e.g. email.

Starting a meeting

After pressing “Start” the video-conference system will load, and you will have the possibility to join with audio:

Note: As BBB runs completely in the browser, it might ask to get access to your microphone (and later to your web-cam). Please allow these accesses.

If you are hearing yourself, just click on “Yes”. If you are not happy, click “No”, which will allow you to select different input/output sources. You need to do the “echo test” again, after you selected your sources.

Hint: If you have more than one speaker source, the configuration is easier if you set the preferred source for conferencing as the default loudspeaker for your computer.

You can always cancel this procedure (“X” on the right top of the window) and restart it by selecting the “head-phone” icon at the bottom of your screen:

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