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Uploading documents to the Wiki

Using documents in our Wiki helps a lot to make information available for members of the IST Austria community. Please follow these few rules, to get most out of the features our Wiki supports.

Prefer PDF format for documents

The platform our wiki is based on, MediaWiki, was not intended to be a document platform. Usual office documents you would use on a network share or your file system don’t quite work, as users use a browser for accessing information, which needs downloading and external opening of documents not view-able by a browser.

The best alternative is to use .pdf files, which are supported by almost any browsers and also by mobile devices. It is highly suggested to also provide forms as .pdf files, as it is much easier to fill them in, even directly in the browser. If you need help to convert documents/forms to PDF, please contact us at: .

Use OCR prior to uploading

All files on the wiki are indexed, so a full text search via https://intranet.ist.ac.at/ is available. If you want to upload some scanned documents, e.g. signed ones, please first use our OCR (Optical character recognition) service, to get a searchable document. Just sent your document as attachment to , and you’ll receive a searchable document.

Only upload once

If you want to upload a document, and you’re not sure, if this has been uploaded already, please first search for similar documents, and only create a new one, if any other does not suit your requirements. If there is already such a document, please upload a new version, which is described in the next section.

Uploading a new file

Go to our ISTWiki, and click on Upload file in the toolbox on the left side of the page.

You’re now on the “Upload file” dialog, where you can just Choose your file and add some description in the summery. Adding something there does not only help for other versions, but is also searchable.

How to add documents to wiki pages

If you want to add your newly uploaded file to a wiki page, you’ve the following options:

  • [[File:File.pdf]] to use the full version of the file, so everyone will see past versions and uploads.
  • [[Media:File.pdf]] for directly linking to the file without displaying the file versions.

You can include both links in your page, for example:

[[Media:Introduction to IST IT.pdf|Direct Link]] | [[File:Introduction to IST IT.pdf]], which looks like:

 in the document.

Use versioning

If you want to upload a new version of your file, just go to the file URL (e.g. https://intranet.ist.ac.at/istwiki/index.php/File:Public-wifi-policy.pdf).

In this dialog, you can just “Upload a new version of this file”, it is advised, to keep the file name and add a short comment for the new version. Also available in this dialog, is the “File usage”, which will show you every wiki page where your file is linked.

Send delete requests

As documents age out, and only the owner and/or user who uploaded it would know, please send a request for deletion to:

, which contains the URL of the document (e.g.: https://intranet.ist.ac.at/istwiki/index.php/File:Public-wifi-policy.pdf). IT will then delete the file.

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