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https://meet.ist.ac.at/ is our conferencing platform based on Jitsi-Meet. This Open-Source software allows to be hosted on-premises and uses encryption, so data-protection is ensured.


To use the system, just connect to https://meet.ist.ac.at with your browser. Currently only Chrome (or other Chromium based browsers are supported).

Just enter a name for your meeting (or directly access a meeting by using e.g. https://meet.ist.ac.at/MySuperMeeting)

This service is only intended for IST Austria, so the first person opening a meeting (=”The moderator”) needs to authenticate. Authentication is remembered for some time, so you only need to do this at the first time using meet, and from time to time.

Only the moderator needs to authenticate, all other participants (also external ones) can connect without the need to authenticate, just share the link.

Just click “I am the host” and our Shibboleth SSO should follow. Login as usual (or get automatically logged on if you’re on campus).

Known Issues

  • We suggest using Google Chrome, which seems to provide the best experience
  • This system is only recommended for a maximum of 10 participants. Depending on individual computers/laptops of participants, some can experience a high CPU-load, in particular if the number of participants increases.


  • Integrated Chat
  • Screen Sharing
  • Protecting the meeting with a password

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