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I do not see the cost account for my (rotation) group in my PPMS

This documentation has been taken from the IOF page, there is also additional information specifically for booking IOF resources.

PPMS takes the information on group affiliation and/or grant allocations from IST Control Panel (ICP) → please make sure that both group affiliation and/or grant alloation are set correctly in your ICP profile.

i. Grant owners: If you cannot chose/see the project in PPMS, despite being allocated on that project in ICP, please contact the Grant Office → The reason can typically be that the project has no more budget and is locked for SSU bookings.

ii. Rotation students: please make sure that rotations are correctly entered in the Graduate School’s IQ Portal → The IQ Portal synchronizes cost account settings to PPMS and the requried cost accounts should become available (please allow overnight sync time). In case of issues, please contact the graduate school.

iii. Account changes for PPMS: other requests for changes for group-cost account in PPMS need to be sent to . Such changes can not be made by individual facilities.

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