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PPMS Documentation

For easy booking, charging and management of scientific service unit’s equipment and services, IST Austria deployed PPMS, a facility management software for Stratocore.

For booking equipment and for requesting services from SSUs, please go to:


Please select the SSU (facility) you want to use.

Please login with your IST credentials (for details see: IST Austria Account). If the system tells you, that you’ve to create/request a user, please stop here, and send an email to . New users get created in the system automatically, but this is only happening twice a week, so there will be some delay after you joined the institute.

Please note
The IST Austria costcenters and projects are called accounts in the PPMS system. If you miss one, please send an email to , requests for accounts in the system will be deleted automatically!

After login, you can easily switch between scientific service units by choosing the drop-down menu on the top right corner.

 Sometimes switching between facilities can cause errors.  This is due the first facility not completed loaded, please always wait until the page has been loaded before you switch over to a new facility!

On the “profile” page, you’ll find out, what accounts (costcenters/projects) you’re allowed to book on. Please do not request any change in the system, instead send an email to: ppms.ist.ac.at

 Please make sure, that you select the correct account for your Booking! 

Let us know, if you’ve any further questions:


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