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Self-service: Mailinglists

Mailing lists management in ICP


In the Self-Service area of ICP, you can see and modify your own subscriptions to mailing lists at IST Austria, and also manage the lists your’re owner or manager of. Additionally, you can request a new mailing list from there.

Please note
As the management of lists is now done by ICP, it is not possible any more, to use emails to subscribe/unsubscribe to mailing lists!

Types/Categories of mailing lists

The following categories of mailing lists are defined at the moment:

  • Research group
  • Working group / Topic / Project (any possible scientific/non-scientific project)
  • Organizational / Unit (Divisions/Units/Teams, but also lists like scientists, staff,…)
  • Event / Conference
  • Building (These list inform about construction issues in the particular building, you’ll get added automatically to the building you’re in)
  • Education / Courses (Mainly courses from the graduate school, but other trainings might be possible, too)
  • Free time (Anything not directly work related, like the social-events, Football and similar lists)
  • Uncategorized (Should be empty, but some lists don’t fit into existing categories.)


  • For all lists, except for Research group and Event/Conferences internal users get automatically unsubscribed if they leave the institute.
  • For all lists, only members of the list can send mails to the list. Members are able to post with any address registered in ICP for a particular user, also external ones.

My mailing lists

This is an overview of all mailing lists you’re subscribed to and/or can manage.

Please note
It is not necessary to be ON a mailing list (i.e. receive mails) to manage a list.

Possible options

  •  – just click on the button, and you’re unsubscribed from the list.

  •  – if you’re manager of a list, you can manage (i.e. add/remove members, change category,..) of the list

Please note
For some automatic maintained lists, there is no possibility to “Leave”. Examples for such lists include the staff and scientists mailing lists.

All mailing lists

This gives an overview about all existing mailing lists. This view can be grouped by category or by popularity, which is based on the number of members and the monthly volume of emails on the list.

Possible options

  •  – just click on the button, and you’re unsubscribed from the list.
  •  – if the list is not “free to join”, you can request the membership, which has to be approved by one of the managers.
  •  – if the list is “free for join”, you can just subscribe to a mailing list by clicking this button.

Request new mailing list

If you want to request a new mailing list, just fill in the form. You should decide for a name, a category and also the “Description” field is necessary. If your list will also have external (i.e. non @ist.ac.at email-addresses) members, please tick “Allow external members”.

Please note
The name of an existing or requested mailing list CANNOT be changed, mailing lists would need to be deleted and recreated.

At the moment, your request will be sent to IT Support, and usually approved. If the list does not get approved, you’ll also receive an email.

Management of mailing lists

If you click on , on lists you’re manager, you’ll see the following mask, which shows an overview of your list:

Important are the possibilities to add/remove members by either  or .

There are also one link (or two links if you allow external members):

  • The “List URL” which you would use, to announce the list internally, in emails and/or wiki, webpages,…
  • The “URL for external users (public)” which allows external users to subscribe/unsubscribe to your list. You would use this on your webpage, email,…

Mailing list settings

The tab “Mailing list settings” allows you to configure your group, by

  • Allowing/disallowing members to join or leave. If you disable this settings, users can only join your list if a manager of the list approves the request to join, and members can only be deleted by group managers.
  • Changing the category.
  • Changing the description. It is highly suggested to have a description of your list.
  • Allowing/disallowing new external members. If you’ve already external members on the list, they wont get deleted if you change this settings, but new external members cannot be added.
  • If needed, you can restrict the posting to the list to group managers.

Group Managers

If you are the owner and manager of this group, you can delegate group management to other people. Group managers themselves cannot add other group managers. A group manager does not need to be subscribed onto the list.

Group Audit

The Group Audit gives you an overview about changes in your mailing list. If the Author is “sys_icp”, the ICP has added/removed members automatically (e.g. someone joined or left IST) to your group.

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