Check your Browser

Unfortunately, a lot of the latest IT treats where triggered by webpages – and outdated browsers. It is always a good idea to make sure, that you’re using the latest version of your browser.

Testing can be done by using one of the following links:

This would also be very important for any private device you use – for IST owned laptops we usually make sure, that latest updates are pushed to your machine. If you discover any irregularities, please contact us at

As Internet Explorer is well known for many bugs, it is highly advised to use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your main browser. Both come with a self-update feature, and will make sure the browser stays recent.

Add-ons / Extensions to browsers

Modern browsers can also be “extended”, especially Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have web-stores where you can download such additions to your browser:

To enhance the security of your browser, we can suggest:

This extension can minimize the number of Ads you’ll see when browsing the web, and will also warn you about dubious web pages.