Change of printing to our network printer from Wifi

Dear all,

Yesterday we had to change the behavior of our network printer due to some security issues.

In the past, it was possible to print directly to the printer instead of using our central print-server. Printing directly needs access to the printer, which can allow Viruses/Torjans to infect such printers. This we had to change, so only printing via our print-server is allowed for several networks (e.g. wifi) – currently, the scientific wired networks are not affected.

Changes to the wired scientific networks will be done only after we changed the configurations for the affected clients already!

If you’re currently not able to print, please follow our guides at, and please excuse any inconvenience caused.

Please always come by the IT support office or contact us via e-mail ( if you’ve question or need further assistance.

Best regards,

Your IT-Support