Apple Security Update April 26 2021

Apple has released a large security update on April 26th, including a fix for the CVE-2021-30657 logic issue (malware such as Shlayer had been reported to use this issue to breach Gatekeeper protections on downloads). We recommend that all users make sure their Apple devices have these newest security updates installed (macOS, iOS, Apple Watch and… Continue Reading Apple Security Update April 26 2021

PPMS is not loading

If you tried to access and only got the following result: you are probably running an ad blocker in your browser. Even though it is highly recommended to run one, it can also block legitimate pages. One blocker IT can suggest is: uBlock Origin, which is available for all major browsers. To access PPMS,… Continue Reading PPMS is not loading

Introduction to SuperProductivity, not just another to do list app

If you’re reading this you’re also the kind of person that’s struggling with keeping track of all the various tasks and requests coming your way on a daily basis. You’ve realised over the years that the human brain is not very good at remembering most things and have already tried several solutions for task and/or… Continue Reading Introduction to SuperProductivity, not just another to do list app

Linux kernel vulnerabilities (BleedingTooth)

Andy Nguyen discovered that the Bluetooth implementation in the Linux kernel contained a type-confusion error. A physically proximate remote attacker could use this to cause a denial of service (system crash) orpossibly execute arbitrary code. Please update your system as soon as possible (sudo apt-get upgrade in the Terminal). If it’s currently not possible for… Continue Reading Linux kernel vulnerabilities (BleedingTooth)

Remote access over the last months

This is an informational post, for those who are interested, how remote access has been changed during the Corona lock-down – compared to a “on-campus” situation. If you need to know more about our possibilities to work from home, please see: Working remotely. (Most graphs we just started a week before the actual lock-down.) Remote-Desktop… Continue Reading Remote access over the last months

Snapgene license

The information below is outdated, updated information available here. Currently, IST has purchased 6 network licenses (eol: 2020-06-26). However, Snapgene says that “due to increased technical issues, we are no longer offering floating licenses”. It seems we need to switch to some other licensing scheme. In order to estimate the number of licenses needed and… Continue Reading Snapgene license

MFA at IST Austria

We just finished the first implementation for multi-factor authentication for some services at IST Austria. MFA tokens can be created via (ONLY available via VPN/Remote Desktop or on campus) SSO login will then have an additional mask to enter the token, but ONLY if you login from outside IST Austria. (without VPN and/or Remote… Continue Reading MFA at IST Austria

COVID-19: the perfect opportunity for copycats.

We are in an extraordinary situation, and this requires unusual measures: Cancel events, expand of teleworking, set up communication infrastructure, but at the same time, many people are insecure and wait for instructions on how they should behave. This makes many people vulnerable to false reports and misleading or harmful recommendations. This is the ideal… Continue Reading COVID-19: the perfect opportunity for copycats.