Introduction to SuperProductivity, not just another to do list app

If you’re reading this you’re also the kind of person that’s struggling with keeping track of all the various tasks and requests coming your way on a daily basis. You’ve realised over the years that the human brain is not very good at remembering most things and have already tried several solutions for task and/or… Continue Reading Introduction to SuperProductivity, not just another to do list app

MFA at IST Austria

We just finished the first implementation for multi-factor authentication for some services at IST Austria. MFA tokens can be created via (ONLY available via VPN/Remote Desktop or on campus) SSO login will then have an additional mask to enter the token, but ONLY if you login from outside IST Austria. (without VPN and/or Remote… Continue Reading MFA at IST Austria

Has my password been hacked?

We hope not, but it is not always easy to be sure. As we’re all users of free (or non-free) services in the world wide web, and there are also successful attacks against such services, it is possible that one of your accounts (and the password) has been compromised. There are services in the internet,… Continue Reading Has my password been hacked?

Do you know your colleague?

IST Austria is growing every day – not only by new buildings, much more by new people joining the IST Austria community. As we already are more then 600 employees on campus, it’s not easy to keep track about who’s here. We’ve of course offer the service “New on campus” via ICP:, but following such… Continue Reading Do you know your colleague?

New Service:

Chat systems like Slack are quite famous these days, especially for their abilities for fast communication and easy exchange of information. As external cloud services could be a risk in means of data security, we’re providing our own solution, based on the open source To use our new chat, just login with your IST account at:… Continue Reading New Service: