5 Awareness tips – social engineering

Just recently the number of various attacks against computer systems of companies has increased a lot. Still, most attacks targeting IT systems actually target the users of such systems.

1Don’t click on direct links (in emails, text messages, etc.), especially those that are asking you to enter sensitive information. It’s best to go directly to the source.

2Don’t respond to phone requests asking for personal or financial information. If you are concerned, find the correct number and call the organization yourself.

3Don’t overshare on social media. These details can provide hackers with your location, ammunition to craft spear phishing attacks, and answers to security questions. Think before your share – and prefer sharing to a known audience!

4Be aware of your surroundings. Make sure you know​*​ who should and shouldn’t be in your facility and that they’ve followed the requirements for entry. (To know, you can try our Who Am I? service.)

5Slow down. Most attacks convey a sense of urgency so pause and think about if what the person is asking for is legitimate.

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