security flaw in Apple mail for iOS (iPhone/iPad)!

Attackers could hijack your apple mail-app on iOS – they then could read/delete/write mails with your account. If you’re not sure if your account is save, please deactivate mailsync on your device. a guide how to do so can be found here and wait for the next iOS-Update. Security researchers say the iPhone has a… Continue Reading security flaw in Apple mail for iOS (iPhone/iPad)!

2020-04-09 english ransom

— Forwarded message —From: : 9 April 2020 04:36:06 > —> Hi.>> I think you will not be happy, because I have a very bad news for you.>> Just a few months ago I hacked your operating system and I have> full control of your device.>> I implanted a small application into your device which… Continue Reading 2020-04-09 english ransom